Frequently asked questions


  • When do you update your shop?

There is no set schedule, instead I'll post any announcements of when they'll be via my Instagram page. As I'm still working part-time for Lisa Hammond I can't make vast quantities of pots, so sales wont happen on a regular basis.

  • Can I preorder?

Not at the moment, I don't want to manage a long waiting list. For this year I'll simply be making what I like and selling that. I can only make a limited amount of pots at the moment anyway so I feel it's fairest for them to be sold first come first served.

  • I put a pot into my basket, but by the time I entered my card details and clicked pay it says they're no longer available?

This is out of my control, it's how the Squarespace e-commerce system works. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes if you miss out purchasing some pots. My best advice is to be prepared and quick as it usually sells out in minutes.

  • Do you sell wholesale?

At the moment this isn't something I'm considering doing this year as I'm only working part-time for myself, the amount I can produce is relatively low and I can't justify losing a considerable amount of the profit as I'm currently saving for all the equipment I'll need when I setup my studio in the coming months. You're still welcome to get in touch if you want to discuss arrangements for the future.

  • Do you sell the soda fired work you post photographs of?

No, while I do blog about these pots, showing how they're made and glazed, they are pots I make for Lisa Hammond, in a preconceived  style she chooses. For three days a week I produce this range for her to sell at various shows around the UK and at the studio in Greenwich. If you want to purchase these soda fired pots, your best option would be to email Lisa directly or visit the pottery itself.

  • Can I visit the studio?

Yes, I'm currently working from Maze Hill Pottery, making my own work two days a week and Lisa Hammond's soda fired range on the others. It's always best to ring or email ahead of time to check we're there on the day of your visit. I don't have a ready supply of my crackle glazed ware on show here, I only sell it via my online shop, but there's an ample variety of soda fired pots available.